7 incredible tips for a drool worthy family postcard photoshoot

It doesn't matter if you planned your family holiday portrait in July or didn't get around to it until the last moment, we're here to help!

You can take countless photos for your holiday card, from candid baking sessions to playing in the Fall foliage. Identify your perfect idea (and start the season stress-free!) with some of our favourite festive photo ideas.  It is common for parents to take photo after photo of their children without putting themselves within the picture. However, when it comes to the family holiday card, everyone steps forward, brushes their hair, chooses festive Christmas outfits, and prepares to travel together.


Family postcards are a reminisce of love that you carry in the form of pictures with you. Sending and receiving family postcards or Christmas cards is an age-old tradition, especially on Thanksgiving, Christmas and sometimes just to share lovely pictures with grandparents. To make this postcard picture exchange even more worthwhile we need to make sure that we click the best pictures with the best professional setup and we at Holidaygrapher make this possible for you. Here are some tips and ideas to rock your postcard shoot. 

Hire the professionals

Often people choose to shoot postcard pictures themselves. While some do a marvellous job but many turn out to be bad. It is always best to go with the professionals and live the moment yourself. 

Setup is everything for Christmas cards

If you are planning festive postcard pictures then an indoor illuminated setup can be a gamechanger and add that wow factor to your photographs. You must roll out on setup beforehand. Festival essentials and accessories lie in the Christmas tree and fairy light details will add that charm to your photographs.

Hiring a local photographer for those Christmas pictures should be every families once in a year eventKeeping the tradition to get a Christmas photoshoot for postcards and families wall and sending to your loved ones

Outfit Game on Point

Outfit pick-up is one of the most crucial things to do when planning for any photoshoot. Especially in the case of a postcard shoot where you will send it across to people, the choice of the right set of clothes holds high importance. The clothes should go with the occasion or the purpose they are clicked for. The whole family should dress with a certain sense of coordination and sync so that it not only looks aesthetic but also blends with background ongoings.

Book a photographer for Christmas photoshoot in Sydney

Spot that golden moment and go Click, Click, Click

WIth family candid shoots timing is everything. To have all of their sways together is a tough nut to crack. It is therefore important for both photographer and the client's family to spot that golden moment correctly and shoot it. It becomes even more difficult a task when the family involves little kids. They need to be playfully engaged and not forced to look at the camera since this keeps the childishness intact and makes for great postcard-size photographs.

Picture wall from vacation photos and hiring photographer on all our trips

Plan the Postcard photoshoot

It is unwise to plan a photoshoot without proper planning and communication. It becomes very crucial when you choose to go ahead with a family postcard shoot as any kind of insync or miscommunication can turn off the mood and setting of the planned photo shoot setup. Make sure everyone is on the same page before the shoot day.

Take it easy peasy

Do not overwhelm yourself and the family by overpreparing and being precocious, because postcards are meant to spread joy and share the energies of the festivals. Make sure you stay happy and glee. Try to lighten up the atmosphere, crack some quirky jokes and be at your candid best. Don’t forget to make the photographer feel at ease.

Don’t do it to fit in 

This is one of those rarely given but important pieces of advice. Do not take postcard shoot very seriously or do not try to portray yourselves in a certain way. There is no perfect norm for postcard pictures. The only give rule is; to make sure are raw and real savouring the festivities. 

Enjoy the mood and the setup of the shoot and let your ideas for the postcards come in.

Postcard photoshoot or a Christmas family shoot is best way to preserve memories


Postcards have always been a perfect medium to send a token of love and blessings to loved ones, with or without the festivities. We at Holidaygrapher will act as catalyzers who will help you radiate warmth through the postcards you send across. We can even help you with Postcard on any of your Vacations around the Globe. We have photographers across Bali, India, Australia, Maldives and many more countries. 

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