7 Must Know Tips to Shoot A Proposal

7 Must-Know Tips to Shoot A Proposal | Hire Local Photographers

Choosing to kneel and pop up the question to the love of your life is once in a lifetime moment for you and your Fiance to be. It is highly important to get everything together before the D-day arrives. The day chosen should be oh-so-perfect because who would want their special day to be ruined. It calls for perfect photography angles, a perfect setting according to the theme, and all the minute details in place.

As a photographer, you carry the responsibility of capturing the love-soaked pictures but also keep in mind not intruding on the private moment of the couple. 

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Sync in the Location a day prior

You and your client need to be familiarized with the location beforehand to avoid any hassle on the big day. As a photographer, you need to be well versed with every nook and corner of the proposal location especially if it happens to be an outdoor location. It will be much easier for you to glide behind the scenes and capture some awe-striking pictures of the love birds. 

Don’t forget to familiarize the client with the best point where they can go down on their knees and pop up the question. Well, this will work wonders for you!

Remember the Long Telephoto Lens-Your best companion 

Keep in mind that you are the best photographer and the best photographers don’t hinder the private moments. The Telephoto lens allows all the liberty to capture the zoom-in shot of the moment minus any privacy intrusion. Also, you will be able to avoid the chaos of changing the lenses to capture long and zoom-out shots as it all happens in the blink of an eye.













Deliver the special add-ons

A photographer’s job is not limited to clicking pictures that will make it to the gram. It is also about how you go that extra mile for your clients and deliver something that they least expect. It can be carrying a makeup kit for a quick touchup for the after-proposal photoshoot or the quirky props to add that extra bling to the shoot aesthetics. These gestures work like magic on the clients and you can also vouch for these extras.

Setup and Lights check

Planning and plotting are a must if you aim for a wholesome proposal shoot. The client and the photographers should visit the location in advance and check out the lights and location setup. Bad lights call for bad photographers and who wants that? And whatever background the client has chosen it should be prim and proper on the big day. To leave no room for mistakes follow up, check and repeat.

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Secret Signals to get those raw feelings captured

What is a proposal shoot without the authentic and the first reaction of the person getting the proposal? As a photographer, it is quite a task to get that real-time uncut footage of the moment. It becomes a tough nut to capture the long and close shots of the moment at the same time in the blink of an eye. To get that perfect picture plan some secret hand gestures such as a flying kiss to the fiance to be or a kiss on the cheek which would signify that they are going to go down on their knees the very next moment. Now, that’s a smart move, isn't it?  

Ring and Gift Photography-Not to be missed

A Ring is as important as the proposal and the photography of the finger band should be ensured by the photographers out there. You can also do this beforehand and ensure some close shots of the ring. Also if your client has some additional gifts for their fiance to be, make sure you capture them in an aesthetic setup and with the best lighting of course. You can also get shots of gifts and rings after they reach the hands of that special one. Everything and Anything matters on the day of the proposal.

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Dress up and have a blast

A proposal setup and popping up that question of love is a moment that the couple will cherish the fond memories of their entire lives. It is important for everyone involved in the proposal to have a gala time and be involved at the moment. This applies to the hired photographers too. As a photographer, you need to dress up well and click pictures with all the emotions and happiness that surround you. It will also help the couple to be at ease with you and your team being around. Remember, friendly gestures win hearts.
Gearing up for the proposal is a great deal for the client and documenting it should be worthwhile. So professional photographers must help the client in the best way possible and keep everything in place. You can hire some amazing professional photographers from www.holidaygrapher.com



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