From Baby Bumps to Glowing Smiles: Your Cute Little Guide to Maternity Shoots

From Baby Bumps to Glowing Smiles: Your Cute-Little Guide to Maternity Shoots

Are you “expecting” and don’t know what to expect from a maternity shoot that many to-be moms are going for these days? This is probably what pushed you to read this blog! Our experience with maternity shoots and the expecting parents motivated us to write a blog that will make a booking and posing for a maternity shoot easier and more memorable. 


Why Book a Maternity Shoot?

A pregnant woman holding his belly at the beach

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Well, this question is popped a lot more often than people think. For starters, a maternity shoot can help you capture feelings that you find difficult to express in words. To-be mothers find themselves flooded with feelings they have never experienced before. Moreover, knowing that they might not feel the same way again and the relationship they share with their unborn child is unique, makes it even more important to preserve them in as unique a way as possible. 

Another important reason for booking a maternity shoot has a lot to do with to-be mothers themselves and their unique journey into motherhood. We all know that every pregnancy has its ups and downs. Be it the mood swings, the changes in your body that happen even before one knows it, the struggles of that change from a previously carefree life, or those frequent visits to the doctor, pregnancy is a transformation that deserves to be captured. To-be mothers often find themselves contemplating the ways their bodies are changing and how it will affect the way they look after the baby is born, but a maternity shoot can help them accept and love this change. Photographs from the shoot will become a sweet memory and a symbol for this change. This is also what makes it the best gift for your partner or a loved one who is expecting. It is a gift that will be cherished life-long and will be looked back upon with the sweetest of smiles. Nothing that needs delicate care or a deviation from one’s diet ( plus we’re all saving those swaddles and bottles for the baby shower !). 


When Should I book one?

 A pregnant woman wearing dress and holding his belly at the beach

Maternity Shoots are best scheduled in the fourth or fifth month of the pregnancy. This allows the baby bump to show but without the added stress that a shoot during a later stage can cause. If you’re planning to book a maternity shoot or gift one to a to-be mother, make sure they know at least three weeks in advance. This will give them time to decide the location, the dress(es) they want to wear, and book appointments for pampering themselves a little if they want to. 

And what about those poses I see on Instagram?

Husband wearing his pregnant wife at the beach

When you book a professional photographer, make sure they know that you’re booking a maternity shoot and communicate your expectations from the shoot clearly with the photographer. To cover all the locational and posing aspects of the shoot, Holidaygrapher arranges calls between clients and photographers to discuss the best locations you can find near you, the props you can use and the poses you’d like to cover. Moreover, Holidaygrapher photographers suggest poses for you throughout the shoot and make the entire process easy-peasy. 

What Should I Wear?

Neutral and solid colors seem to work the best for maternity shoots. While choosing a dress for their maternity shoot, to-be mothers should choose something that can help them show off their baby bump along with being comfortable. Maxi dresses are a go-to option if you have no time to decide. You can accessorize them with floral bracelets or scarves. However, it is good to avoid statement jewelry and heavy make-up. This allows the prime focus of the photographs to stay on the bump. For cold weather, you can try a loose and comfortable sweater that reaches your knees without hiding your bump. If your partner is accompanying you in your shoot, make sure the outfits are color-coordinated. 

Husbang kissing the belly of his pregnant wife at the beach

How Can I Book a Maternity Shoot with Holidaygrapher?

You can book a shoot with us in three simple steps (click). Simply inform our team ( we’ll connect as soon as you book a shoot! ) that you wish to book a maternity shoot and we’ll handle the rest!

Wishing you a happy and glowing pregnancy! 



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