How Holidaygrapher Created a Hassle Free Experience for Khushboo in Mahim Art District

How Holidaygrapher Created a Hassle-Free Experience for Khushboo in Mahim Art District

We have all made a list of places we’ve never been before and want to visit but there lies in our hearts that one special place we want to revisit. The reason for wanting to revisit that place is usually purely personal. Some of us never expected to build such a deep connection with that place and want to relive it while some of us simply want to let its beauty fall on our eyes, no matter how simple it may appear to the rest of the world. 

This is precisely what motivated  Khushboo to visit the Mahim Art District in Mumbai again, but she decided to add a memorable twist to the story of her special visit, she decided to take a Holidaygrapher photographer along! After the shoot, she revealed her experience with Holidaygrapher in a blog. In her review for Holidaygrapher, Khushboo is reminiscent of her childhood and talks about how precious the Kotak photographs her dad used to click became to her over the years and how important creatively capturing your experiences has gained more momentum in today’s time. However, unlike many travelers of today, she prefers enjoying the beauty of the scenic views, the monuments, and admirable works of art without fidgeting with her camera and equipment all the time. She Says:

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“You shouldn’t have to tinker with your phone or camera, while the beauty in front of you beckons you to feast your eyes. That’s where, Holidaygrapher, fills in the gap.”

  • Khushboo 

After booking a shoot from the website, she discussed her expectations from the Shoot with the Holidaygrapher professional photographer in Mumbai - Rishi. Keeping Mahim Art District in mind, our pro photographer Rishi suggested ideas that would bring out the best results. Some of them were:

  • Poses that would elude to Khushboo’s appreciation of the murals’ histories and the depth that the art in the district carries with it 
  • Knowing that Mini-tours in the Mahim art district are usually enjoyed on foot, Rishi planned to capture Khushboo’s experience there as a “visitor on foot” as candidly as possible for a few shots. Shots like these are a boon for many travelers who write about and share their travel experiences online. 
  • Early morning time to avoid shadows, the glare of the sun, and for a smooth photoshoot experience. 

The Shoot

Khushboo was up and ready in the morning to avoid crowds and photobombing during the photo shoot. Both She and the Holidaygrapher photographer Rishi reached Mahim Art District by six-thirty in the morning. Being a little scared about how to pose, Rishi gave her a few tips for posing better and tackling camera consciousness and stiffness during the photo shoot. 

This allowed Khushboo’s shoot for the next 2 hours to go smoothly. They captured all the murals that intrigued her the most. Capturing the beauty of these walls can get a little tricky for those of us who are not professional photographers. You have to make sure that both you and the wall come in the frame without compromising on the picture quality and without standing in an awkward pose. Another challenge that travelers face in such situations is the hindrance that a tripod and the timers on the camera can cause while trying new poses and angles while clicking yourself with the subject. However, Khushboo was able to sidestep all this because of Holidaygrapher. Here’s what she said:

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“The best part was that I was completely at ease; I didn’t have to stress about setting up my tripod and timer correctly. I didn’t have to lug around my camera and I ended up trying out things which I otherwise wouldn’t have.”


Professional editing for locations that are public art spaces (like the Mahim Art District) also makes a significant difference and makes the Art, basically the purpose of you visiting the place, stand out. The engagement on your social media profiles also requires photographs to tell a story and look more original and candid. The visit to a public art space usually carries with it a sense of purpose. It is not just your experience while on the location that matters, what you carry with you back home and how you express it becomes a significant part of your journey’s narrative. 

If you’re someone who posts frequently on Instagram and is into travel microblogging or blogging, you probably know by now how difficult getting such “imperfectly-perfect” shots can be. Like Khushboo, you can take control of your visual narrative, even if it pertains to a single special day. 

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A Quick, Easy, and Affordable Photoshoot in Mumbai, Seriously? Yes. 

In contrast to the sky-high prices you are charged for photoshoots in Mumbai, Holidaygrapher offers affordable photoshoot packages in Mumbai. Moreover, Holidaygrapher cherry picks photographers that can help you tell your story in photographs, in your unique way. This comes with assurance and guaranteed delivery of photographs within a week eliminating all the hard work you might have to put in while searching for professional photographers in India on your own. 

Still in doubt? 

Have a glimpse at Holidaygrapher’s photography in Mylapore, Kolkata, and many more on our Social media 

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