How important is Photography for Influencers and Content creators

How Important Is Photography For Influencers And Content Creators?

Content creators have an exciting job. Every day, they wake up to create content they are passionate about. They work very hard to provide unique and creative content to help, inspire & entertain their audience. A content creator’s job involves planning and then executing it. While the first part is what ticks their creative brain, execution is where a good content creator could use help. Often, A constant dilemma haunts all content creators - making sure to get good visuals while executing their ideas. 

They either work with a team or ask someone to take their photos and record them while they carry out their idea. While this gets the job done, often it is not enough. 

That’s where hiring a professional photographer comes in. For any content creator, visuals play a huge role in how their content is viewed by their audience. It simply cannot be messed up. However awesome your idea is, if it is not presented attractively, it won’t be effectively taken in by your audience. A photographer can help here. He knows his stuff. And with his expertise, a session would result in stunning photos and visuals the audience is bound to appreciate. 

But hiring a photographer has its problems. If it’s your first time, it is difficult to find a good photographer. If, after searching like a lunatic, you can find one, you’ll then have to coordinate a day for the session that fits in his calendar, you have to discuss your ideas and get him to understand what you want out of the photo session, and finally, you will have to bargain for a price that meets your budget. Good photographers are costly. Trust us, we have been through that. 

That’s where a service like Holidaygrapher comes in. Holidaygrapher is an online platform that lets anyone hire an on-demand professional photographer who is reliable and affordable as well. Think Uber, but for photography. 

The best part is, that these are professional photographers who know what they’re doing and at a rate that does not put a dent in your pocket! Holidaygrapher takes care of all the hassle that you would otherwise have to go to, to get good visuals for your content. With 3 simple steps, it allows you to book a photographer on the go. 

Here are a few ways in which Holidaygrapher makes the life of a content creator easier - 

1. Get Amazing photos from a reliable service - 

Each photographer at Holidaygrapher goes through a rigorous screening process before they are Onboarded into our Team and available for hire. These are professional Photographers who are well experienced in what they’re doing. 

Reliability is another factor that influencers take into consideration when hiring a photographer. With Holidaygrapher, you are guaranteed to receive high-end photos within 7 days of your photoshoot. You will not have to constantly get in touch with the photographer to know the status of your snaps. After all, that’s what professional services are there for! 

 Influencer booked a Holidaygrapher On-Demand Photographer in Mumbai 

Shreya booked a Professional photographer in Mumbai and very recently another in Goa for a special occasion

2. Makes the Photo shooting process easier and more affordable- 

Go to Holidaygrapher’s website, enter your shoot destination, and select a Pro photographer and a package that suits your requirement. 

That’s how easy it is to book a photographer. Holidaygrapher’s Team then gets in touch with you to plan out the shoot you desire. 

If you have ever scouted for a professional photographer, you know very well the variance in Rates that they charge and proper service would never be guaranteed. Holidaygrapher has done all the hard work of rounding up the best photographers in India, Australia, and Bali. It offers standard Fixed price packages for a shoot. Pricing starts from INR 3999, which gives you a comfortable 2-hour shoot with 20 High resolution beautifully edited photos for you to share like a pro!. 

Influencer booked a Holidaygrapher On-Demand Photographer in Ahmedabad

3. The shoot is customizable! - 

When you book a Photographer for your Photoshoot with Holidaygrapher, the team contacts you and understands the type of shoot that you’re looking for. We then create a plan with our photographer, who also gives his input, and together we create that perfect shoot that is designed and customized as per your requirement. 

It’s your shoot after all, and you have every right to customize it the way you want. 

Yoga Teacher and an Influencer booked a Holidaygrapher On-Demand Photographer in Bangalore

Carolyn is a Yoga Teacher who runs online classes and she booked a Yoga shoot with one of our amazing photographers in Bangalore.

4. It is for everyone - 

Whether you are just starting in your journey as a content creator or you’ve been around for a while, a professional shoot is for everyone. If you are new to the Influencer or Content Creator world, Holidaygrapher’s team can provide some valuable input and guide you in creating the best content for your social media. If you are already a professional content creator and know your way around, you already know what you want and our photographers are trained to adapt well to your needs. 

 Influencer booked a Holidaygrapher On-Demand Photographer for staycation at Novotel Hotel in Delhi 

Jo booked a professional photographer at Novotel Delhi on her first staycation during Covid 2020

5. Helps Create a strong personal brand - 

If you are serious about being a content creator, you need a professional photographer to take some quality photos. Your visuals need to look the part. Half-hearted work simply does not cut it. A professional shoot makes sure that you create a strong unique personal brand for yourself which in return helps you to build your Niche and specific audience. 

 Influencer booked a Holidaygrapher On-Demand Photographer in Adelaide for a collaboration with a fashion brand 

Belina Booked a Holidaygrapher professional photographer in Adelaide, Australia for her Collab for a product shoot

6. Helps Allocate your resources better - 

As a content creator, most of your time would be taken up while planning and ideating your content. Since you have a limited amount of time, the best way to allocate your resources would be to delegate your tasks. When you hire a Holidaygrapher professional photographer, all you need to worry about is your content, everything else from the shoot to post-production to you getting timely photos, is taken care of by the Holidaygrapher team.

 Influencer booked a Holidaygrapher On-Demand Photographer in Noida 

Monica booked a Professional photoshoot with one of our Photographer in Noida 

Holidaygrapher helps you Hire a Professional Photographer to plan your Photoshoot from end to end. You can book a Photographer Anytime and Anywhere in India, Bali, and Australia. It’s smart, it’s fun, and best of all, it results in some stunning photos. That is why more than 400 Influencers have worked with us to plan their dream photoshoot. If you are an influencer and are interested in scaling up your social media game, drop us an email at info@Holidaygrapher.com to understand what we can do for you. Or simply hire your photographer at Holidaygrapher

Happy Shooting! 



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