The Checklist for your Photography Tour in Rajasthan

The Checklist For Your Photography Tour In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a heaven for photographers. It is a place where you can capture perfect golden mornings, the raw vibe of the desert, the awe inspiring palaces, and the plush and luxurious settings of hotels that are no less than grand palaces at once. For these reasons, Rajasthan is famous for inspiring photographers and travelers to go on “photography tours”. This inspiration also owes a lot to the rich cultural heritage that you find yourself gladly immersed in when you visit Rajasthan. For Holidaygrapher, the most visually stimulating aspect was the plethora of colours in the traditional  Rajasthani attire that people wore floating against the simple sandy background. We also believe that every traveler, at least once their lifetime, should take a photography tour of Rajasthan. For many, the memories turn out to be better than the trip itself! If you’re planning to make up your mind about it, here are a few locations that should definitely be on your special checklist. 

Essential Spots for your Photography Tour in Udaipur

The famous “city of lakes” is your ultimate destination for capturing the most mesmerising photographs of reflections in water that social media is always buzzing with. There are however, three destinations in Udaipur that Holidaygrapher, thinks are a must for your photography tour and will help you make the best of it. These are the City Palace, Lake Pichola and Bahubali Hills or the “Badi” Hills. 

A Temple in City Palace in Rajasthan

City Palace 

A man riding in the boat in the river

Lake Pichola 

 The Bahubali Hills are a few kilometres away from Udaipur and offer a refuge one does not expect to find in Udaipur. It is also a good spot to catch the sunrise and its golden reflection in the water.  

Bahubali Hills

Essential Spots for your Photography Tour in Jodhpur

The blue city and the sight of the magnificent Mehrangarh fort rising from a platform even from a distance will gladden your heart. The blue walled houses near the fort’s area make a complicated network of houses and are a bliss for street photographers. As you make your way down the streets, your captures will be spontaneous and will carry a sense of uniqueness ( owing to the blue ) despite being mundane by their very nature. 

The blue house with vintage designs

Don’t forget to capture the raw yet appealing vibe of the life around the blue houses in the city 

An Indian man playing musical instrument

You might catch a musical treat at the Mehrangarh Fort

The front of the temple in Umaid Bhavan

Umaid Bhavan 

Essential Spots for your Photography Tour in Jaipur

The “pink city” boasts splendid forts and mahals for visitors all around the world to admire. Hawa Mahal’s pink sandstone makes it a sight one can never easily forget and Holisaygrapher,thinks that it is a prime marker and symbol of the architectural beauty of Jaipur.  

Though transformed into a restaurant, you can catch and enjoy the serene beauty of this Palace on Water both at night and during the day from a distance

Jal Mahal|

A beautiful hotel in Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal 

Your sight of the Fort will be adorned by birds and a sprawling Maota lake

 Amber Fort

Another of the city’s “Pink Marvels” is the Patrika Gate. Its splendid beauty gathers a lot of photographers around it, so it is better to get your cameras ready early in the morning. 

The entrance going to the Patrika Gate

Patrika Gate 

Capture the colors of Rajasthan through its famous markets

Rajasthani clothes and handicrafts are as unique as its architecture. Not capturing the vibrant and colorful energy of the famous markets of Rajasthan will leave your photography tour incomplete. Your trip to Udaipur can fit in a short walk through visit to the Chetak Circle near Fateh Sagar Lake. If you visit the City Palace, you will find the Hathipole Market within a few kilometres distance. 

Markets in Jodhpur are an excellent place for finding handicrafts that are way too expensive if bought elsewhere. If you are someone who loves to adorn silver jewellery, Sarafa Bazaar is the place for you and for handicrafts, you can visit Sojati Gate Market. If you have time on your hands, you can also add Clock tower market to this list. 

Capture Rajasthan’s cultural essence through its markets 

Capture Rajasthan’s cultural essence through its markets 

The endless beauty of the deserts in Rajasthan

We can’t emphasise enough on the beauty that Rajasthan’s deserts have to offer. If you want to capture the geographical aspect of Rajasthan’s splendor, we suggest spending at least one night in good accommodations or hotels near the desert. These are often isolated cultural paradises kilometres away from the urban areas and allow you to spend your day in leisure on the back of a camel, or have a thrilling time jumping sand dunes. 

Desert with gloomy weather in Simalwara


Camels and their long shadows in the desert make excellent subjects 


Book a photoshoot with Holidaygrapher like June Biswas

A woman sitting in the side of the swimming pool

Captured by Holidaygrapher in Jaipur 

Photo tours aside, capturing yourself in Rajasthan can be quite the task if you’re travelling alone. By now, you probably know that selfie-sticks won’t do justice to Rajasthan’s beautiful architecture, lakes and desert. Rajasthan is best enjoyed in a hassle-free and peaceful manner, and booking a photoshoot for yourself can help you add extra peaceful moments to your trip. Without this, you might end up wasting precious time fidgeting with your camera and tripod and going home without photographs depicting your own unique experience of Rajasthan. Check out seasoned photographers from Rajasthan that’ll make your photo tour even more magical here. 

See you in Rajasthan!

A woman posing in the garden
Captured by Hlidaygrapher in Jaipur 



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