Why you need a photoshoot on your next trip and How to get one

Why You Need A Photoshoot On Your Next Trip & How To Get One 

With all the euphoria surrounding 2021, if you’re planning on traveling again as soon as you can, you are not alone. According to a Mckinsey report (here), the first thing people would want to do after the pandemic is to eat out. And the second? Travel, of course. This particular phenomenon is being termed ‘revenge travel’. But it’s a good kind of revenge. If you feel frustrated for being locked up inside walls for months on end for a crime you didn’t even commit, you’re not alone. This is where revenge travel comes in, where you go out with your friends or family on a vacation to celebrate your freedom. And with the availability of the Covid vaccine, has only boosted the confidence of the ‘revenge travelers’. 

But, apart from the usual vacation routine (food, drinking, sightseeing, and more drinking), travelers have found a way to make their holidays more fun. And memorable. Booking an on-demand photographer to capture your happy moments while you relax and enjoy your holidays, has been on the rise. While the concept is new in India, it has been practiced in western countries for quite some time now. Because of its cheap price and fascinating experience, it is increasingly becoming a part of the vacation checklist for Indian travelers. Now with the availability of Holidaygrapher, Indian domestic travelers can also book their travel photographer as easily as booking an Uber. But before we move on to how to book your vacation photographer, here are 5 reasons why booking a photoshoot on your vacation is one heck of an experience - 

A home for your memories 

Remember that time when you went on that trip to that amazing place but you were struggling to explain in words the beauty of that place to your friend? Too bad you cannot even show them a photo of it because it was clicked on your phone camera with poor lighting and average settings. That’s where a professional photographer comes in. Imagine the same picture taken by a professional Photographer with amazing lighting, and composition and edited in a way that feels natural, that photograph would make a heck of a memory. You are instantly back in that place. And your friend is too.

A woman wearing dress posing in the front of the famous castle

Aastha created her memories in Hyderabad with Holidaygrapher

A couple sitting in the floor and in front of the door

Shreya booked a Professional photographer on a recent trip with her fiance to Goa, with Holidaygrapher! 

Create a savvy social media profile 

In an age dominated by Social Media, are you always anxious about creating good content using some amazing Photographs of yours? Ace your social media game with some amazing photos of yourself! Let’s face it, an acute dose of your friend’s jealousy while seeing your exquisite photos is always a delight. 

A woman wearing dress sitting in the front of the art wall

Monica boosting her social media profile by hiring a professional photographer in Delhi to take some amazing pictures while she explores the streets of Delhi with Holidaygrapher 

Ease of Travel 

A vacation is meant to be relaxing. But it isn’t entirely stress-free. The hotel bookings, transportation, and planning of your activities chip away at your energy. On top of that, you need to make sure you click photos at every point to make them memorable. For those photos, you either trust a stranger to click some good ones (which let’s face the truth, are mostly blurry) or you get those close up selfies (seriously, why do people like a photo with their face magnified) or it’s your selfless friend who takes up the task of clicking them (being okay with getting left out of the picture). 

Why not hire a vacation photographer instead to click all your photos and make the whole process easy (read stress-free). You would receive some amazing photos with everyone in it! (At least your selfless friend would thank you)

A couple sitting in the front of the door.

Kevin and his selfless friend enjoyed their travel in Goa as they booked Holidaygrapher’s Pro Photographer to capture their travel moment

A New Experience 

Every year you travel to a new place for a reason. You long for a different experience. And that’s what hiring a travel photographer is. An experience. The excitement, preparation, dressing up, posing, and enjoying the moment while your photographer does his job, it’s all a part of the shoot experience. 

A woman wearing a dress while looking up.

Saakshi experiencing her first shoot in Chennai, with Holidaygrapher

Pamper yourself! 

After a stressful year like 2020, a photoshoot is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Because you deserve it. A shoot gives you the confidence to feel & look at your best. And you can be whatever you want to be, a badass or your favorite celebrity, your choice. You are entitled to feel good about yourself. 

A woman wearing white wardrobe sitting in the couch.

Jyotsna gifting herself a shoot in Delhi, with Holidaygrapher

Special Occasion

It’s a special occasion for a reason. It’s not going to happen again anytime soon. A special occasion deserves a special something. Your on-demand photographer can fill that gap. Make your special day stand out with a planned shoot. 

A couple holding their hands at the beach.

           Shreya celebrating with her fiance in Goa, with Holidaygrapher 

How to book a vacation Photographer with Holidaygrapher - 

With Holidaygrapher, booking a vacation photographer is as simple as booking an Uber. 

Step 1 - Create your account on https://www.holidaygrapher.com/

Step 2 - Enter the destination of your shoot 

Step 3 - Have a look at the available photographers in the region and their portfolios. Choose the photographer you like and book them

Step 4 - Select one of the packages  and enter basic details (shoot date, shoot length requirement, etc) 

Step 5 - The Holidaygrapher team would get in touch with you to finalize the details of the shoot and plan the shoot. The shoot would be curated to your needs. You can easily customize it. 

Step 6 - Enjoy the shoot 

Step 7 - You would receive your edited images within 7 days of the shoot! 

About Holidaygrapher - Holidaygrapher is available in all the major cities of India & Australia. We are present in Bali, Indonesia as well! 

We are on a mission to make your travel memorable. Holidaygrapher ensures affordability, reliability, and timely delivery of Holiday photographs to their clients. Photographers in the Holidaygrapher network have multiple years of experience in photography specific to the niche of traveling. At approximately 5% of your budget, you can make your vacation more memorable with Holidaygrapher. 



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