15 eco friendly destinations for your next adventure

We often travel far from the place we live to rejuvenate, Relax and explore new things. But while making these choices, we don't realize that we place our carbon footprints wherever we go. With global warming taking place faster in the world It's time for us to make conscious choices about eco-friendly travel. Because our ultimate goal should be to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. It's never too late to contribute towards a bigger change. 

Want an escape from daily life hustle, rushed city life, too much noise, and dusty air? Then how about choosing an eco-friendly destination for your next trip? This time contributes towards a bigger change by making conscious travel decision To preserve the environment. Connect yourself with nature and peace from your busy city life.

Why Ecotourism?

While you might wonder what ecotourism is, let us tell you that you will be making a difference by reducing carbon footprints, Protecting the natural resources for future generations, Raising awareness among your children for protecting the environment, and Increasing awareness and understanding of Towards local culture. Visiting an ecotourism destination is a profound way of traveling. It's beneficial to both the environment and you. Doesn't that sound amazing? 

There are 15 eco-friendly travel destinations across the globe you should visit in 2023. 

1. Netherland

Netherland travel blogs and Dutch towns and Villages with beautiful view.

The Netherlands has delightful Dutch towns and villages to explore. It has taken a step forward to preserve the environment by reducing air pollution and cleaning up the rivers. It rains all the time in the Netherlands, so don't forget to bring your umbrella with you. And also don't forget to visit Amsterdam to click on aesthetic Instagram-friendly pictures.

2. Finland

Finland, one of the best eco friendly travel destinations in the world.

While defining ecotourism Finland fits as the best example as it aims to nurture, conserve and preserve what is most important to us, the environment. Finland is one of the happiest countries in the world and it's beautiful when all your happiness is connected to nature. Finland has endless forests and beautiful lakes for you to explore And click beautiful photographs. Explore mesmerizing architecture and designs in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. 

3. Australia

Opera house and harbour bridge view from one spot with 360degree views

You won't run out of interesting things to do in Australia as it has tropical beaches, lush rainforests, mesmerizing nature, and incredible wildlife. It’s easy to understand why Australia is an amazing eco-friendly destination. Get yourself captured at the pristine white sand beaches of Australia with your family.

4. New Zealand

While talking about sustainable tours New Zealand is a breathtaking beauty that deserves all the hype. New Zealand is known as a clean, green country with wonderful wildlife. If you are someone who wants to adventure, then New Zealand is for you. 

5. Vietnam

Have a photoshoot in the amazing scenery of Vietnam

Vietnam is a blend of spectacular landscapes, native species, a tropical coastline, and adventure. Vietnam is famous for its coffee, delectable food, and incredible culture. Hire a professional photographer to capture memories of the endless natural beauty of Vietnam.

6. Peru

Is a unique country full of colors and sacred varies. You will explore the Cloud forests and volcanoes, and rice terraces. Dwell in the historic culture of Peru and capture your moments forever. 

7. Iceland 

Iceland is located in northern Europe and holds the title of the greenest country in the world, Iceland is a multi-diverse country endowed with volcanos, lava fields, iconic waterfalls, and black sand beaches.

8. The Azores

The Azores is called the Hawaii of the Mid-Atlantic for a reason. The Azores has some unspoiled natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. It's the perfect aesthetic vacation spot. The Azores is a certified sustainable tourist destination and has picturesque landscapes to capture memories. 

9. Africa

Africa the eco friendly family travel destination

Africa is a well-liked destination for tourists and has some wonderful eco-friendly tourist places to add to your bucket list. Africa is a massive world of its own to explore. Zambia, Tanzania, and South Africa are the most famous places of the African continent to explore.

10. Costa Rica

Escape in the refreshing environment of Costa Rica. The trip would be incomplete without taking a hike in the National Park of Costa Rica to experience the fantastic wildlife with your family.

11. Chile 

Chile, located in North America. The alluring beauty and friendly attitude of people set chile apart from other tourist destinations. Chili is indeed one of the most beautiful countries in the world with fascinating archaeological treasures. Do not skip Santiago if you are visiting Chile. 

12. Ecuador 

Ecuador located in South America is a must-add destination for your bucket list. Amaze yourself with the historically rich cities of Ecuador. 

13. Auroville India 

Auroville is located in the south of India and is the largest eco-city in the world. Auroville is not just a place to explore but a place to enhance your spiritual experience with remarkable hospitality. This is the must-visit location to add to the list of sustainable tours while visiting incredible India. 

14. Uruguay - South America 

Uruguay is one of the off-beat places in America to visit. It's the second smallest country in South America. Explore amazing momentums and calming old towns in Uruguay. Get yourself captured in the alluring scenery of Uruguay - South America. 

15. Palau

Palau is a chain of islands located in the western pacific ocean. The diving sites in Palau are the best diving sites in the world. Explore museums, lakes, and beautiful islands in Palau. 

Tips and advice on how you can be a responsible guest 

We want you to get the best out of your travel and also make the world a better place. Here are some tips by our experts To be a responsible guest while traveling To any place in the world.

1. Avoid plastic

While traveling in different places of the world, you would want to buy so much stuff and every other shop will offer you plastic bags to carry them. Our advice to you is just to say no to plastic. Instead use eco friendly duffle bags, and sustainable travel bags which are cute and reusable at the same time. Eco friendly reusable coffee cups are also a great option.

2. Respect the environment.

While traveling on the mesmerizing spots of nature's beauty, adopt The attitude of making conscious choices of environment friendly travel. Make sure to throw the dresses only in the dustbin and not on the beautiful travel spots.

3. Save water. 

Conserving water has become the most essential in the New age era. As we all know, the world is going through a water crisis. Avoid wasting water while brushing your teeth and uh, taking shower. 

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of these beautiful eco traveling destinations. Picturesque settings of these wonderful countries demand professional photography. How wonderful would it be to get home with beautiful souvenirs of memories.



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