The Ultimate Mexico Travel Guide

No one gets bored of eating popcorn right? Watching a movie without a tub of popcorn just seems incomplete. And of course pizza without ketchup, a sandwich without avocado does not seem tasty. But did you know that all the amazing food items we enjoy, from ketchup to popcorn, vanilla, chocolate, avocado, tomato, and red chilli are all gifted by Mexico to the world? There is no doubt that when it comes to food, Mexico is unbeatable. However, apart from the delicious cuisine, there are so many beautiful places to travel in Mexico while enjoying the vibrant and rich culture, fascinating beaches, and beautiful mountains. Given all of this, it is perhaps no wonder that Mexico is one of the most attractive destinations in the world.

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If you are planning for your Mexico travel experience, it is better to take advantage of everything from your bucket list in a vibrant country like Mexico or maybe rely on a travel advisor in Mexico for your entire travel. In case you have not prepared one yet, then don’t worry as we have prepared the ultimate travel guide for your Mexico travel so that you don’t miss out on any wonderful Mexico vacation spots. You definitely require so much planning to visit a new country, like the best time of the year, places to visit in Mexico, places to take photos, what to pack for your trip, visa, currency, and so on. We have collected all this information for your Mexico travel. Let’s offer you an insight into everything about Mexico in this blog. Get ready to have a glimpse of how amazing your Mexico trip can be!

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Best Time of The Year to Visit Mexico

Family getting candid photoshoot by a local photographer on their Mexico travel

Anytime is the best time to visit a country like Mexico but it is better to know when you can enjoy your Mexico vacation at the best. If you are traveling to Mexico to enjoy the beaches, you might want to avoid June to September as the temperature is high during these months. Generally, the best travel time is December to April as these are the dry months. Also, the temperature is not high and the fear of rain is not there. Also, book a photographer in advance to capture your beautiful memories. 

Best Places to Travel in Mexico and Popular destinations in Mexico

In the Gulf of Mexico, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and the island of Cozumel are among the gorgeous resort destinations. This region is collectively referred to as the Riviera Maya. The Yucatán Peninsula's eastern coast attracts over five million tourists each year, generating huge revenues for the tourism industry. The Riviera's wide beaches, endless crystal-clear water, and a plethora of all-inclusive resorts make it unlikely that you'll feel overwhelmed by the crowds.

In addition, there are many things to do in the area, such as swimming with dolphins and stingrays, snorkelling among coral reefs, and scuba diving in the world's largest underwater museum, a collection of sculptures submerged in water up to eight meters deep.

Family capturing memories from a professional photographer on their Mexico trip

  1. Mexico City

The home to tacos, Mexico city is full of colours. Walking down the streets of Mexico is like experiencing colours everywhere from music and cuisine to the stroke of the brush on walls. From hipster cafes to grand castles, there is such an amazing vibe to explore in your Mexico city travel. While you indulge in such once-in-a-lifetime experiences, don't forget to get your memories captured by a local photographer in Mexico City. Mexico city centre is one such place you might not wanna miss with its beautiful historic monuments to world-class museums, Art galleries, attractions and colonial buildings from the 16th and the 19th century. 

  1. Tulum

A vacation in Tulum is a great idea to spend time with your family. If you are a beach lover, Tulum is for you. This Caribbean beach town lets you click amazing Instagram-worthy pictures. After enjoying your time at the beach, you can explore the underground river and eco-park. So, on your trip to Tulum, do get clicked by a professional photographer. The ancient fortress of Tulum is famous for being the only remains of Mayan settlements located on the coast. The ruins are very well preserved and are noticeable from a distance and are truly an experience to visit a site that was inhabited till the 13th century until the Spanish arrival. Temple of the Frescoes (Templo de Los Frescos) is one place where you can truly experience the sculptures and their cliffs overlooking the ocean. 

  1. Merida

The capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan Merida has so much to offer from colonial history and delicious cuisine to some of the best museums. It is one of the best Mexico places to visit and capture beautiful pictures. Merinda, also known as Yucatán's White City is the centre of your explorations in the journey towards history dating all the way to the Mayan civilization. Old city squares and plazas are full of evidence of French architecture, which is evidence of European influences everywhere. Despite this, it's a remarkably clean and tidy city, which gives the city its long-standing nickname of Ciudad Blanca, the "white city" owing to its citizens' tendency to wear white clothing.

  1. Guanajuato

Guanajuato city is located in Mesa central. It has gorgeous European plazas, museums, mummies, art festivals, and heritage sites to explore. Guanajuato is referred to as the prettiest city in Mexico filled with so many vibrant shades, a perfect place to click your vacation pictures. It is also known for its world heritage site listing by UNESCO for its colonial architecture. The best way to explore this beautiful old architecture is by foot to make sure you experience walking in those narrow alleys and streets and feel the past from colonial times. Starting your exploration from Jardin de la Union, to old San Diego Church, Juárez Theater and those amazing fountains, flower beds and mesmerizing cafes are a must-visit.

  1. Oaxaca- A real taste of Mexico

Oaxaca, the cultural hub of Mexico is known for its colourful festivals, artisan towns, amazing cuisine, and unique history. And one never needs a reason to have a photoshoot in a city like Oaxaca. However, the state of Oaxaca is still somewhat off the beaten path but is a unique place to explore in Mexico. It's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mexico due to being preserved and untouched old architecture and to date, it is kept the same compared to other major developers occurring all around Mexico. The city has a real mix of Spanish settlement and Native Indians which makes it a cultural hub for major events and festivals including an Indigenous Festival famous for its crafts, local dance performance, Native costumes, food and music the event occurs every July and is called Guelaguetza

  1. Cancun

Cancun is undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. With its white sandy beaches and greenish blue waters, it's no wonder why. Visit Cancun to enjoy a blend of natural beauty, world-class resorts, and exciting nightlife in Cancun. And if you are travelling to Cancun right now you might want to hire a professional photographer to have an amazing family photo shoot in Cancun. 

  1. Campeche

If you want to explore a little off-the-beat location visit Campeche. Campeche is full of bright colours, neat beautiful streets, and distinctive culture. You will find a Campeche sign right by the Malecon to click Instagram pictures. Let yourself be carried away by the most elegant town to travel to Mexico. 

  1. Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas

In Mexico, Los Cabos often referred to simply as "Cabo," is one of the best beach destinations. Known as the Los Cabos Corridor (Corredor Turistico), this 30-kilometre stretch of pristine beaches extends from the towns of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo and is a popular tourist destination for its clear waters, diving, snorkelling, and fishing (it hosts the world's largest marlin contest). One of the most popular travel destinations of Mexico, it awaits you with its turquoise beaches, tantalizing dessert, lush oases, and rich marine life. 

Family getting candid pictures clicked at Mexico beach by a professional photographer.

What to Pack for your Trip

We often get confused about what to pack in a bag. A country like Mexico that blends sunny beaches, mountains, culture, heritage, and delicious food has something to offer everyone. Thus, before you go to Mexico, it is important to decide on your packing essentials according to the country’s diversity.

For Beach- Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses, swimsuit, and sunscreen for beach destinations.

Comfortable Shoes- Bring comfortable shoes on your Mexico trip as you will be doing a lot of walking.

Lightweight clothing- The climate in Mexico is humid and warm most of the time. So, accordingly, pack lightweight clothing for your trip.

Medicines- If you are travelling with prescription medications, be sure to put them in your bag.

Travel Documents- Don't forget to take your passport and any other necessary travel documents such as a visa or travel insurance.

How Safe is Mexico to Visit?

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We often hear about the robberies and crime rate of Mexico, However, most visitors to Mexico are not affected by criminal activities because of the crime scenarios from tourist destinations. Robbery and pickpocketing on public transport are the only threats to tourists, but these are avoidable by taking precautions. San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Vallarta, and Tulum are some of the safest places in Mexico. 


Your Mexico travel requirements include a visa. But those holding visas or permanent residents of the USA, the UK, Canada, Japan, or Schengen do not need to apply for a Mexico visa. A tourist visa allows you to stay up to 180 days in Mexico.


The currency in Mexico is the Mexican Peso. The symbol of the Mexican Peso is $


The majority of the Mexican population speaks Spanish. Though English is also common among people there, they are able to understand the basics only

Some basic Spanish words include: 

Hola – Hello / Hello

Qué tal? - Hi, how are you?

Buenos días - Good morning.

Quiero… – I want…

Sorry - Excuse me

Adiós - Goodbye

Being one of the most famous tourist spots, Mexico has countless wonderful places to visit. Hippie chic towns, friendly people, and elegant locations await you on your next trip to Mexico. So, if you are travelling to Mexico, make sure to click amazing pictures that will become your lifelong memories to cherish. For hiring a local photographer in Mexico who can take your amazing snaps at different photo-friendly locations, look no further and check out us on Holidaygrapher. 

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