What will our relationship with photography in 2022 be like

What will our relationship with photography in 2022 be like?

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Last year was a shocker for us all. It seemed as if all of us had landed in a different frame, quite literally for those into photography. All of us were active on social media but found it difficult to talk about our days through good photographs ( like the good old days ) when the pandemic started, thanks to unfinished laundry and unkempt tables in the background. We flipped through our old photo albums, reminiscing all those times we’d spent under the sun, happy and free. However, the time we spent working from home, staying indoors, and working on our hobbies was precious in its own tangled way. At some point in 2020 and 2021, we discovered how important creating a narrative in our photographs is and photography isn’t just about fancy locations, sunsets, and dresses. When Holidaygrapher helped content creators narrate their pandemic stories, focusing on the narrative side was our prime goal. Moreover, we realized that this isn’t just instrumental for content creators during the pandemic, it is true for anyone willing to make 2022 memorable out there. If one begins to explore, it won’t take much time to forge an irreplaceable relationship with photography in 2022. Read on to know-how. 

A girl posing with barcode graffiti on streets of Delhi while a photographer captures the moment. 

Narrating your professional journey through photography 

2020 and 2021 were all about adapting to a new way of working. The environment ( our homes ) was familiar, but working in it wasn’t. As our professional worlds started overlapping with the online ones, the power of storytelling through photographs became more crucial than it ever had been. While some of us learned new skills in the time that staying at home created, some of us, especially freelancers, decided to rebrand ourselves completely to grab the best opportunities out there in these uncertain times. Given the tumultuous time 2021-2022 has been for people across all professions, Holidaygrapher thinks that photography can do a job that no other means can in a very short span of time. 

 A lady in Red dress reading the magazine in Hotel lobby and get a photoshoot done by a pro photographer with a red Lounge

 two campervans and two girls enjoying their holidays while capturing those memories by a professional photographer 

Narrating your personal journey through photography

The Pandemic led to the creation of special archives by universities across the world. The human mind’s way of coping with atrocious times like these is important to us all. Moreover, the products of your creativity are nothing short of treasures, on a person if not a community level. Taking a deep dive within ourselves calls for a special way to record our personal journeys as humans. 

 A girl dancing in city Palace Jaipur and getting a photoshoot done for Instagram

Narrating your story of hope through photography  

Successful content creators and professionals who worked with Holidaygrapher in 2020 shared a common streak. Call it madness, but it was their story of hope that pulled them out of the mess the pandemic made. From finding alternatives to aesthetic photoshoots in Bali near home itself to creating an online presence that had never existed before, these professionals carried a sense of hope and optimism that was reflected in their photographs, which have now become a part of the crucial memories of their lives. 

Now that you’ve explored all three aspects in which you can engage with photography in 2022, how do you plan to get in the game?  If you feel like taking photographs is “just not your thing”, don’t fret! You can book photoshoots simply at affordable costs with Holidaygrapher. 

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