The Best Guide to Book a Proposal Photographer Now

 Choosing a Secret Proposal Photographer: Everything You Need to Know

You will be thankful forever for deciding to hire a proposal photographer to frame the most memorable moment of your life. 

The moment of a marriage proposal or getting engaged only comes once in your life. It is obvious to want n framed moments and show them to your children as a treasured memory. Booking a customized secret proposal photoshoot will let you capture every precious moment, from the expression on your partner’s face to meeting families after the proposal. It may be a little daunting at first to plan such a big event in your life in a top-secret manner. However, we are here to guide you through the whole process of planning the perfect surprise proposal. From helping you to book a proposal photographer and choose the location to arrange the outfits and props, we would ensure that you have the dream proposal of your life. 

The guy holding hands of his partner after the engagement and the gril is flaunting her ring.

STEP 1: Hire a Professional or Get a Friend to Do It for You?

Your friend may have a good-quality camera or phone to capture your proposal. However, they lack the experience and skill of a professional photographer to capture candidly the big moment of your life

With years of experience, a professional photographer can advise you on the suitable poses, angles, lighting, and setup to make your proposal photos as dreamy as possible. Besides the shooting, the photographer will also take care of the natural editing, offering the photographs a subtle touch of perfectness. 

STEP 2: Book a Professional Photographer in Advance 

Planning far in advance is an essential part of a secret proposal photoshoot. Thus, not only the ring size but also other vital things in the proposal, like costumes, location, and budget, all remain planned. 

Search “proposal photographer near me” on Google to find out the top professional proposal photographers in your vicinity. You may go through their portfolios and customer reviews to understand the quality of their work. Pick the photographer whose style and perspective match yours so that you receive the kind of proposal photos you have always dreamt of. 

Pro Tip: Check out the availability of dates for the photographer, and then VOILA! Just book the surprise proposal photographer on a mutually suitable date. 

STEP 3: Choose A Mutually Favourite Location 

You definitely have a dream location in your mind when it comes to planning a marriage proposal. The choice of proposal location varies from couple to couple. Even any ordinary site can become a perfect place for the proposal if you want to keep it sweet and simple rather than a planned extravaganza. It can be a winery, cafe, or your favorite spot in the city where both of you have spent some memorable moments. 

Whether it is the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Bow Bridge in New York City, or the Opera House in Sydney, most clients have booked a proposal photographer in their partner’s favorite holiday destination. Even a short trip or picnic to your nearby holiday destination can turn out to be really romantic. 

Also, planning the proposal at your dream home, where you both are planning to move in soon, can add an extra touch of romance to the whole event. 

Pro Tip: Making the marriage proposal at the spot where you first said those three golden words is a magic trick you may want to try. 

STEP 4: Plan the Proposal Outfits 

Planning the perfect outfit for your proposal while keeping the whole event a top secret to your partner can be difficult. You may have to be a little tricky here by complimenting your partner about how he/she looks fantastic in that particular outfit and how he/she can wear it on their next date. Tell your partner that you are going for a trip, date, or even picnic so that he or she comes all decked up, causing more butterflies in your stomach and adding more drama to the proposal. 

STEP 5: Choose the Proposal Props 

Anything special to both of you can work as a proposal prop. Be it your pet, a card, or the classic flower bouquet; the idea is to make it appear dreamlike and gorgeous. If you wish to play a little creative with the prop, you can choose to bake “Will you marry me?” cookies or a cake. If nothing seems appropriate to you, a bottle of Champagne is the perfect and easiest prop to get. 

STEP 6: Have a Chat with your Proposal Photographer 

Before the shoot, make sure you discuss everything with the photographer, from the schedule, and location, to ideas and poses, so that you don’t miss out on anything important on your D-day.  Even have a prior conversation with your surprise proposal photographer about the nitty gritty you wish to be framed. Those surprise expressions or teary moments when you finally utter, “Will you marry me?” must not be missed. 

Pro Tip: A local proposal photographer is experienced in dealing with many couples over the years. They may help you plan the entire photo shoot with some excellent surprise proposal ideas to make it appear more romantic and dreamy. 

STEP 7: Create that Insta-Worthy moment for your Gramlife

On the very day of your proposal, indulge in the “WOW” moments of your life that you can cherish even years later, or upload those once-in-a-lifetime memories on your Instagram feed to share the beginning of your new life journey. If you wish to hold an after-party or organize a gala family dinner after the proposal or engagement, ensure that the photographer stays back to capture your precious moments with friends and family. 

Pro Tip: Remember to bring a lot of tissues for those worthy happy tears.


If someone asks us what the ideal time to plan a proposal is, we recommend the best time to be now while you are reading this article. Even better if you have landed on the blog before Christmas because you may want to grab the exciting opportunity of proposing during your Christmas tree shopping, Christmas trip, or Christmas dinner. On whatever occasion you propose to your partner, remember to hire a professional proposal photographer to capture those priceless moments worthy of cherishing even after years. 

We, the team of Holidaygrapher are there to offer you a hassle-free proposal photoshoot experience where you just need to book a proposal photographer at your preferable location and we will take care of the rest so that you can enjoy every moment of your D-day to the fullest. If you cannot find a professional photographer at your favorite destination, then just reach out to us and we will find you the best photographer for capturing your proposal. 



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